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Be The Veteran Shooter Of The All New Pixel Gun 3d With Better Features

The Pixel Gun 3D has become a hit with players across the world with the Minecraft-like visuals that are topped with the addition of the zombie figures and those that have a lot of blood and gore. It is shooting the enemy all the way and a battle for the survival to earn more points and rewards moving onto the next battle arena. You have the perfect opportunity to spend your extra time with your friends while engaging in the online battle mode. In case you wish to be by yourself and entertain yourself with the solo or the single player mode, there is ample opportunity for that too.

Going on a shooting spree

The gameplay takes place in a variety of arenas that you can travel to via the portals when you have cleared a level and are traveling to the next. There are also grades and varieties of weapons that are used against the zombies and have to be protected from getting damaged. In case you are not too sure at the beginning, you can practice killing the zombies at the training camp at the end of which you also have the opportunity to earn some coins and gems that you will always be in need of, or you can simply use pixel gun 3d hack which lead you and also defend you from zombies.

Attacking the zombies right


The Pixel 3D is all about the first person shooting where you take complete control of the character that shoots. When you are in a playing area, get the relevant map and memorize it so that you are aware of the exact locations from where the zombies stem and also can trace their creepy behavior. Often players get stuck up in corners against the undead leading to their defeat. Remain in the open and blast every bit of movement that takes place from any part of the screen. Some zombies are not large and standing figures that will match your height but crawl from all angles at the ground level at which you have to blast them.

Attack, form clans and re-launch

There are plenty of options concerning the graphics and the animations that you can choose from. You can modify the Skin and the Cape to make your character appear more interesting to your friends when you are in the multiple player mode. You can either join an existing clan or form one of your own that will help in launching fiercer attacks on the enemies. As you can view the achievements of the characters, you can be part of the most awesome shooting clan of the world.

For the veterans

You can take part in the other modes like the Cooperative Mode where you have to concentrate on safeguarding each other against attacks. More interesting perhaps is the story mode where you can make your comic hero characters your shooters where they can shoot at diverse locations and also with some of the most interesting ammunitions in store. You can place the shooting in a story setup that will make the game more interesting. Playing in the Survival Mode is perhaps the most extensive gameplay that you can engage in where the nasty monsters are sure to take even the veteran players by surprise once in a while. Survival Arena has the most outrageous monsters to test your shooting skills as a veteran.


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